49813272_358581258264902_8257123924194623488_nKindness can so hit me out of no where sometimes, just a wham bam here I am, that takes me by surprise. Oft times I miss it and only realize it was given after the fact. The words especially to cause me to look back and think, “I should have said thank you, that was a compliment.”

Even after all these years of so many sweet people blessing and loving me I still am swept away by the fact that others actually see me, hear me and care.

Me, who am just me.

I am learning though, God is making me more aware. Oft times the simplest act to bring tears of wow and wonderment.

How much abuse affects a child.

Sometimes the silent abuse, the not encouraging them, thanking them, telling them how much they are loved and appreciated. The times when their whole life they felt unnoticed because they were til they learned to not see themselves.

To not feel themselves.49774179_358580001598361_499698446794489856_n

To not think or move.

To not be.

Hidden so safe.

This was me, this is still me sometimes.


God is showing me this is not the me He created.

He sees me, hears me, loves me…

So do His people.

Kindness’ that are Him through them.

Kindness’ that are mine to claim.

Here and Now…


For I am seen…

I am heard…

I am valued…

I am appreciated…

I am someone.

I always was someone.

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