My three twined

My Body to remember wrong so strongly, wrong done to me in the flesh that wants me to feel as though it is happening now.

Body Memories

59064506_10155819479081735_6661756711482687488_nMy Soul to cry out against it, yearning to be done with them


My Spirit

Reaching to the heavens imploring my Abba to send His to cleanse my body of them

Redeem it

How my twined has been untwining

How hard this has been for me

How long this part of the healing journey

58708020_2753464251347025_4280256509025189888_nI have felt so overwhelmed at times




Twined in giving up

Twisted in upon myself


Unto giving up


My God wouldn’t let me

Wouldn’t let me forget that He is here by sitting with me in all of this

By using even this to bring me out on the other side

Truths side

His side

Loves side

I had a panic attack the other morning, a full blown one, but different

I wasn’t lost in fear and then


It was now that overwhelmed me

cda87556b4d4f56cef05290012f41878Now with my God

Now with His love

Sweetly and wholly Now

Not just my heart to feel His love, but all of my me

My body tingling from head to toe with the feeling of love as I was gifted with experiencing what true physical love is.

Not abuse and using but gentleness and holding.

I feel as though I am not making sense, as though this is beyond me to explain, but I smile because that is ok.

I was and am lost in love.

Head over heels in love with loving my God


His loving me

I John 4:8a                                                                                                                                                “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us”








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