I feel so like an owlet these days, one that loves to snuggle down within the nest, safe and secure- to stay unaware of the bigger world without. Wait there for my feedings as I expectantly watch for my parents, not a care in the world. Such is the life of a “nestling,” such has been my life as part of my journey of healing. God has provided me with a “nest” within His church, fed me with truth from “my parents” through His body of believers. I have been kept safe and secure, loved and sheltered as I was allowed to grow.

And grow I have… for my Lord in His love and mercy has opened my eyes to who I am in Him. He has shown me that the truth of my childhood abuse does not define me; it is my “history” while not being me. I have been bathed in the waters of His grace time after time, washed of the horror of the memories as He has cleansed me of the pain.

Now I am learning to “branch,” to leave my nest on short excursions. He is teaching me how to make short winged assisted hops from one trial to the next. He does this in love, knowing I may fall sometimes, so staying close by to bear me up. He knows my insecurity so keeps me close to my “nest”, frequently returning me there as He builds my confidence in Him.  The “parents” He has provided to urge me forward while never abandoning me, they to stay close by helping me to learn to stretch my wings of faith.

For “branching” only lasts so long, as I have been “gliding” from trial to trial supported of hope, my “wings” have strengthened even as they have filled out. They have “feathered” out in trust and peace.

Now I look forward to my “fledgling” flight. I shall lift forward to face each day and all it brings in joy. I will glide smoothly on the air currents of my God’s love as they lift me higher. I shall soar straight and true because He is my air.

When the timing is right He will send me forth from my nest. I will go where He sends, willingly, humbly and full of gratitude.

For now, I wait upon Him.

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