I have been on a journey these last few months, one of learning that I am more of my then.

In the beginning it was all about recognizing that I had been a victim. Accepting the truth of what I had lived so that I could then move beyond it.

Transition from then to now.

From Victim to Survivor.

And I did.


Sometimes as I reread my writings I realize I was still floundering in the victim mode. For in yearning for what I missed I was in my past, in the then of the happenings.

The now is be a survivor.


God is showing me He has so much more in store for me.

He wants me to Thrive                 .download

To grow and live in the now

Of a future

Not the now of being no more a victim, no more abused


The now of being me.

His daughter

His new creation

The Tammy I am

My past is a part of me, no denying that


My past is not me

Not the definition of who I am and who I am becoming.

As a friend told me once, “Think of a tapestry, we don’t look closely at it noticing each thread and knot in it, rather we take in the whole seeing the beauty of its design and finish. So it is with us in God’s design. While our past is a part of us, it isn’t what defines us… the happenings come together to create the whole of who we are, showcasing the beauty of God’s healing handiwork.”

This was such a “Wow!” moment for me

Such an awakening.

So I am endeavoring to live in the now of my thriving

In the now of the beauty of the me of God

This blog page has been such a healing to me. My writings to be wings of release and freedom

But now…

I must move on.

To bigger and better things…

To Thriving.

I shall perhaps someday, with God’s prompting, pen another blog. Should that day come I will pop back here and share where to find me.

For now, I leave this one as is to bless those that are on the beginning of their journeys.

Go with God, each of you

With my prayers that you too

Become His tapestry

As you thrive!2019-thriveher-surviving-thriving-domestic-violen-50


  1. Hi there I read your blog and I was stirred and challenged . Thanks for sharing so freely and honestly . Keep on hearing from God and heal . The angels are with us ,dreams are a gift. Seize the day . Love to you

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