Needed this reminder….


I can feel so overwhelmed sometimes, with need, desire and want. How it feels as though I simply must have this, now or I shall fall apart. Without it I won’t be able to go on, to stop crying, to not give up.

What confuses me is what it is for.


Pure and simple, free with a smile sent my way. A gentle one that eases the tension and settles the emotions. One that is given simply because. Clean and whole. Selfless.

I know I am loved yet can be so jealous at times, not of people, of the fact that someone is loved. I would never want to see someone lose that… no, I am jealous for the act. Starved for the feel of comfort, the texture of touch felt.

I ponder the way a hug could be sure and firm, lasting. The hand soft and gently soothing.

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