Found this older writing today, needed it, fear still so present at times. Thank you, Father. for this writing, please help me to put it into practice. Amen”


Yes, I have that title written right.

I realized this morning, when I woke quivering with fear, that it is the fear itself that I fear most.

Think on our journey of healing, how much fear is a part of it.

We go to counseling fearful, we face our memories fearful, we go through our days fearful of someone or something being a trigger, we journey in fear.

We live, breathe and eat fear. Why wouldn’t we, for it was our bread and water out abusers fed us on. How many times was a hand raised in abuse not only to rain down upon us but to elicit that fear. I can still see the smile my fear would bring to my abusers face. The way my fear fed her twisted need. I was groomed in so many ways in my abuse, groomed to provide, to serve, to yield, to…

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