Raw, wounded, gaping and open

That’s how I feel today

Lots of day actually of late

For my abuse has torn from me, me

I to be left oft, by the simplest word or action, naked

Perhaps my perception of this feeling is tied to when I was denied the essentials of life

Clothing to cover my nakedness

Shoes and coats full of warmth and comfort




I am fleshed

My emotions worn out

As I see myself bleeding desire

Right desire


I feel so raw that that which me screams for to feel as though it would sear my flesh

A hand upon my shoulder so craved

To please just be held for awhile

Allowed to cry and be heard

The giver not minding my fleshed me

Wiling to touch the ugliness

Bandage the open wounds

Love me with heart, yes

See me with compassion, of course

Yet, mostly touch me right

For as I sit with memories of just that

I feel the growth

Flesh to come together

A child denied

Aborted outside the womb

To be recreated

Inside the womb of now


With people

That fleshed she be               images


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