Lines and dots, Tittles really

eeStrokes of pencil to paper

Nothing in of themselves

Seemingly random

Making no sense at all

Until one learns

Comes to see the clarity that exists among them


Right slash

Left Slash


Now an “A”




A whole new world opened

Words found

Expression freed

Mind given a place to roam

Eyes deciphering

Tongue tasting the flavors of the sounds

All coming together

Expanding the world of that child



imagesI too am learning

Finding the shape of sounds

The moreness of the letter upon the page

Absorbing the meaning

Exploring the context

Savoring the beauty of words


xxConsonants free of harshness

Vowels shushing

Whole words settling

Sentences safe

Paragraphs Helpful

A story being written


Sensible perhaps to only me and my Abba

“That’s your chair. Come on in. You can fall asleep at my door anytime. Breathe. I am Eva. You are safe here. PT. Here have another egg. How can I help? Come on in. Whoever hurt you so m much is not here. Give me your hand. We found her. Who let the dog’s out! Thank you for allowing me to be there for you. Everything you write is amazing. You are a writer, put your name there. You are more than then or them, you are now and you. You don’t need to do it alone. Breathe. Rest. And that’s okay. Call me, anytime. Too funny. What would you like for breakfast? She’s cold. Come here. Of course that scared you. What’s that you’re holding? Thank you. Breathe. You work so hard at healing. Tell me. Breathe. It’s all ok.

The beginning paragraph found…

tumblr_mir09xqbdM1rq27uuo1_500The story only beginning


Hope blossoming from the seed of being seen

Love watering the journey

Belonging taking root

Firmly planted in the love and light of life

Tammy Anne of God

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